About us

We love art and often we are in contact with ones that feel the same - either authors of art or art admirers. Both from our experience and the experience of others we know the struggle there is for artists to get their art in contact with others and make living of being an artist. We also know, on the other hand, how unreasonably difficult it is for others to find their way to art. Using our portal, we can not only inform people about artists, but also serve the art directly to those people.

The history of our portal

2007 - the idea of European Arts is born for it to be a web space for presentation of artists and their arts. Although it does not yet have a contour, we become the owners of the europeanart.sk domain.

2007 - 2016 - a pause in our biddings, concentration on family, absorption of inspiration from everyday reality.

2016 - we are openning a gallery shop of European Art in Nemšová. In a short while it begins to be filled with arts of talented artists.

May 1 2016 - we are beginning our work on EuropeanArt.eu portal. There are days and nights of thinking, architecting, planning, designing and programming ahead...

December 1 2016 - after 7 months of intense work we are releasing the very first version of web application and are looking forward to the first feedback.

With your help we want to evolve our portal, build a community and add improvements. Doing that, we would like to be the clear choice of those that want to take an adventure chasing beauties of fine art using internet.


Ľubica Vlková
propagation, design, idea of the project

Michal Vlk
IT specialist, project manager and portal administration

European Art project would not be found without the help of many other enthusiasts to which we are thankful from the bottom of our hearts.

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