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In the art world and in the Galleries, there are many indescribably beautiful works of art from well-known and lesser-known artists.

However, many of these artistic gems are hidden from the public eye, somewhere in private collections of people, art studios, long-term expositions in public buildings, ...

They are mainly art works by lesser-known, non-professional artists whose works do not reach the walls of the Gallery, but they desire to create and publish their work, they desire to delight the viewer, who is looking for art. They want to try new techniques, experiment and get feedback from the general public.

The advantage of European Art is the individual approach of the owner of this artistic project, which lives the whole project, creates artistic works and tries to instill the art into everyone who wants to fulfill their desires and develop creatively.

Personal approach to artists in the art community, in our gallery, also in art courses is an added value that is associated with this project and is just what we can offer to you.

We are art lovers and often we are in touch with others - whether with the authors of works of art or their admirers. From our own and mediated experiences we know how problematic it is for artists to get their work among people and make a living for them. Conversely, how unnecessarily complicated the path of people to art is.

However, with the help of the internet portal, we are not only able to inform the general public about the artists, but also to direct them directly to the nose.

We make your journey to art simple and fast, enjoyable and affordable. We therefore shorten the distance between the artist and the buyer of his work.

We give you space to share and discover art.

We create an online space that is accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and everyone finds it on it.

We create a community that will be a source of inspiration, motivation, new contacts and friendships for you.

We start in Slovakia, we want to grow all over Europe.

European Art allows you to present your own work in a simple FREE way and let yourself be carried away by the art of others.

Even with your help, we want to continue to develop, build and add to the portal. So that we are gradually a clear choice for those who want to go on the adventurous journey through the Internet for the beauty of fine art.

Being an artist in today's world is not only about creating a great deal of art, but being able to present yourself. Here we offer you our free journey with which it will be fun, not poisoning. 😊

Bring your art closer to people. Create your profile quick and easy. Discover new artists, admire their arts and find the ones that match your likings the most.
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About us

We found it here in European Art, saw a place where we can find the meaning of our endeavors and give artists and art lovers a common place where they can show their work to the whole world, or find themselves in the flood of artworks, their own, from which they will have the chills happiness every time you look at it ...

I greet you friends! My name is Ľubica Vlková and I am the creator of the idea of ​​European Art and together with my husband this artistic project.

I have been in touch with art since school times. Since when I remember, art, artists, their originality, creativity, their thoughts in creation have always fascinated me.

The elementary art school was followed by a secondary art school and finally by the University of Trnava, Faculty of Education with qualification: biology / visual arts.

After a few years in education, as a pedagogue, I decided that my journey was different from my dreams.

2007 - The idea of ​​European Art is born as a web space to present artists and their works. Although it does not yet have concrete outlines, it becomes the central point of our future goals.

2007 - 2016 - "pause", focus on family, perception and aspiration of everyday reality 😊

2016 - we open the first European Art Gallery in Nemšová. In a short time, works of well-known and lesser-known artists are filled.

We start work on the EuropeanArt.eu portal. We are waiting for days and nights of thinking, designing, planning, (a few more gray ín) designing and programming ...

After 7 months of intensive deployment, we are launching the first version of the site and looking forward to our first feedback.

Of course, deciding what kind of art to buy will always depend to a great extent on your art and interest. The selection is very large and it can be anything from collector's art graphics to large sculpture installations and everything in between. After your survey and after deciding on where your artistic taste is located, you can focus on finding the right investment for you, with us.

There is also a great number of great artists, for "big thanks" and here with us, you can directly contact them, ask them about things that you will not find anywhere else, not without personal conversation, personal consultation of works of art, without a look backstage ...

After opening the EUROPEAN ART house, which is closely related to the project and forms such a central point for personal contact with artists and the creation of courses, we were surprised how much people search for space to relax, not just the body but also the soul.

We have created a place for you where you can relax in a pleasant gallery environment, just with a good coffee or at a fine art course with a glass of wine and a good cake 😉

We very much care about your wishes, satisfaction and desires. When we do our dream work, we want to do it properly and responsibly.

It always fills us with the feeling that people come to the Gallery with the feeling that they do not know what is waiting for them and leave the rest and the belief that they will come back to us as soon as possible 😊



Ľubica Vlková
director, design, project idea and mom

Michal Vlk
IT specialist, project manager and system administrator and dad

Our children like never-ending dose of energy, our muse, positive, clean energy dispenser and our teachers ...

The European Art project could never have been created without the help of many other enthusiasts, friends, whom we thank for their hearts and believe that together we will create many art projects beyond its borders.

We are a small team, but with big goals and dreams.

Yes, we know that there are many similar projects, art workshops and the offer is big, not only in Slovakia. But what is lacking, the vast majority of them, is a personal and friendly approach to people who go to the unknown and want to enjoy a little more than a work of art.

We strive to be satisfied from the first moment, the first message, the e-mail, the personal meeting, to the arrival of the house and long after it, because more and more people need wellness for the soul, not just the body. We try to indulge you in visiting our gallery, in creative work, in our consistent and passionate art courses.

The development of the idea of ​​our artistic project is sometimes very funny, sometimes even comical. From computer to homework, realization of courses, sewing of sweatpants, installation of exhibitions, combing hairs to creative creation ... We just love our work 😊

And that is exactly what we want all of you to do in life with love and positive energy, what is fulfilling you, and is pleased to expect what every new working day will bring.

Sometimes it is very difficult, but it is worth the feeling of well done work ...

Creating new projects, workshops, creative meetings, meetings with artists' friends, who are more and more thanks to this project, for which we are extremely grateful.

Our work is also our hobby, our passion, joy, heart affair and something that fills us. We look forward to every new working day, meeting you, with artists, painting in the open air, or art courses that are increasingly searching for people. Customers become our friends and we feel that what we do is right, from the heart.

Discover new artists, admire their works, soak up the energies, feelings, thoughts of the authors, the source of inspiration, and perhaps you will find your artistic jewel in them.


Thank you for your desire to meet us and wish you good luck!